Ontario Power Boat Racing Association

Today’s outboard drag boat racing descends from the popular late-‘80s and early-‘90s Mod-VP circuit-racing. After the demise of Mod-VP, American and Canadian interests progressively shifted to mano a mano lake boat drag races. Locally in late-2016—after years of Drag accompanying Stock Outboard and T-boat circuit-racing classes—the Ontario Power Boat Racing Association (OPBRA) was formed to accommodate unprecedented drag participant, spectator, and sponsorship interest. So, OPBRA is old and new at the same time.

Seen racing are the same go-fast lake boats that frequent recreational waterways: STVs, Checkmates, Chargers, Allisons, HydroStreams, J-Crafts, etc. Because these boats are already weekend “lake racers”, owners can get a taste of formal racing with little cost or pomp and circumstance.

To be competitive, OPBRA offers a choice of 8 classes. Six levels of Drag Racing from Stock to Outlaw and two levels of Oval Track racing, T-750 and T-850. Drag racing speeds can surpass 100 mph on the 800′ track. Oval track racing is intense competition with speeds surpassing 70mph down the straights.

OPBRA would also consider adding other forms of racing to our events. Vintage and Hydroplanes are two examples. Please feel free to contact us with your proposal.

OPBRA, as an inclusive organization, is presenting demonstration races at some of our events. Jet-ski circuit racing and in-board drag are two examples. These demonstrations engage our spectators and provide alternate programs for Municipalities to consider.

Our dry land displays have grown substantially due to collaboration with the Trent Severn Antique and Classic Boat Association and the Maple Leaf Antique Outboard Club.

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